Short Story Leaving : Synopsis

Leaving, set in Tanzania is about a young man’s dream to go abroad to study. His mother is reluctant to let him go for various reasons. Her husband’s early death had made life difficult but she had managed to bring up five children by herself. Two of the older girls are married and Firoz the older brother is working in a big shop. She wants the younger two to do well in their studies and thus, sells the store to move to Upanga, a smaller and quieter town.

An ex-teacher from America, Mr. Datoo inspires Aloo and he decides to apply to the universities there. To his great joy, Aloo obtains a scholarship to study medicine in America and thus, wishes to reject the offer to study agriculture locally.

His mother, however, is unhappy to let him go so far away. She tells him that they will still need some money to pay for the air ticket and other expenses. She also feels that it will be hard to let him go from home. She is dismayed and feels betrayed that he wishes to go without considering her feelings.

Seeing his eagerness, she decides to talk to the school officer to get some advice. Mr. Velji, the officer tells her that Aloo will get a good education abroad but that she may lose her son. Aloo states firmly that children going abroad do not get lost.

Aloo’s mother advises him not to give up his values and beliefs before she can allow him to go. Aloo is thrilled to be in a foreign land and writes home excitedly on seeing London where he stopped over on the way to America. But his mother wonders sadly if he will ever return to the family again.


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